A Couple of Useful Hacks for Perusall

This is a short post sharing a couple of tricks for using the learning management system (LMS) plugin called Perusall.

This semester I am teaching remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I wanted to find ways to make class more social and provide students with the opportunity to learn from each other and be incentivized to complete assigned reading. The University of Massachusetts Amherst uses Moodle, the free, open source learning management system (LMS). Moodle integrates with Perusall.

How to copy text in Perusall

Tip 1: Perusall prevents users from copying and pasting text. Check out this short video on how to get around this using the browser Safari (the tip may apply to other browsers, but only Safari is shown here).

How to copy & paste text in Perusall by disabling JavaScript.

How to manage notifications in Perusall

Tip 2: Students say that they like Perusall but that the notifications become overwhelming. Well, there is good news, Perusall allows you to control notifications! Check out this video to see how:

How to manage notifications in Perusall.