Katz Environment and Energy Lab is a social science research lab group that aims to generate actionable insights on questions of natural resources management, environmental protection, energy transitions, and nonprofits in the policy process.

Image of Juniper Katz in front of a gray background.

Dr. Juniper Katz, founding PI of the Katz Environment and Energy Lab, is Assistant Professor of Public Policy at University of Massachusetts, where she is based in the School of Public Policy. Dr. Katz is an affiliate of ELEVATE and the Energy Transition Institute at UMass, and a Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute in their Climate and Economic Transformation program. Prior to joining the School of Public Policy, Dr. Katz earned her doctorate in public affairs at the University of Colorado Denver, was an executive director of Montezuma Land Conservancy and data consultant for the Land Trust Alliance, among other positions.

Masters Students

Natalie Baillargeon

Natalie Baillargeon received a BA in Environmental Science & Policy from Smith College, where she studied how ecological systems are influenced by land use and climate change. Before joining UMass, she worked as a Policy Analyst at Woodwell Climate Research Center. At UMass, Natalie is a Master of Public Policy and Administration Candidate and an ELEVATE Research Fellow.

Undergraduate Students

Alice Potapov

Alice Potapov is pursuing Bachelor’s Degrees in Data Science and Public Policy at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is particularly excited about the intersection between computational science and climate, and is really looking forward to continuing work in the Katz Energy & Environment Lab.

Annika Sing